How to improve process management in hotels thanks to DocuWare

The advantages of using DocuWare as a document manager are numerous for the different departments of the company, regardless of the industry in question. As such, relying on DocuWare for hotel management can be key to improving and streamlining hotel processes.

Hotels handle a high volume of paper, in many cases without any type of procedure, which means extra work that could be easily solved with a suitable document manager.

DocuWare as a document manager in hotels

As we have mentioned before, hotels can manage a large volume of paper on a daily basis. This means a great load of work, little traceability, and human errors that are difficult to detect.

This workload can lead to an initial rejection of possible changes by department heads. However, solutions like DocuWare can help optimally manage the challenges of managing:

  • Purchase orders.
  • Recruitment (HR).
  • Manual and paper check-in.

In this way, not only will the previously mentioned processes be optimized, but resources will be freed so that they can spend their time on other tasks.

How to improve purchase order management with Docuware:

  • Challenge:
    • Different heads of department.
    • They can be created in different ways.
    • Ignorance on the part of the Administration department of what has been requested.
  • Solution:
    • Creation of form with order.
    • An order approval workflow is configured (defined based on the cost of the order).
    • When it is approved, the Administration department has a list where they are pending receipt of delivery notes and invoices.
  • Results:
    • There are no losses and all invoices are verified.

How to improve the hiring process with DocuWare

There are multiple benefits of using DocuWare in the HR department:

  • Challenge:
    • There is no clear CV database.
    • Several contracts are made through the year to the same employees.
    • Paper storage.
  • Solution:
    • Forms for the creation of contracts.
    • Contrl of signatures-
    • Digitized format with legal security.
  • Results:
    • Streamlining of the process.

How to improve the check-in process, and how to make it contactless:

  • Challenge:
    • Quick and agile check-in process.
    • Comfort.
    • Large amount of paper (reserve is printed).
    • Paper storage.
  • Solution:
    • Workflow of tasks between reservations and Front Office.
    • Digital, secure and legal signature: remote or biometric signature.
    • Administration can access all documentation.
  • Results:
    • Agile, legal and optimal process for the client, as well as for the hotel itself.

The benefits of using DocuWare in each of the processes mentioned above are obvious. Hotels such as Meliã Hotels International, Hotel Safary, Marbella Club, Rosewood Villa Magna in Madrid and Viva Hotels have managed all these processes with DocuWare in an effective, secure and agile way.

As DocuWare partners, at Brait we will be delighted to help you improve your hotel processes. Contact us, and request a demo.

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