Find out about the benefits of the DocuWare document manager for HR departments

As you already know, we are in the era of digitization, many people and companies have taken on the task of digitizing everything, including their documentation. For companies, specifically for the HR department, this is wonderful.

This digitization has been possiblethanks to the implementation of document managers, such as DocuWare. The docuware document manager is an online platform that allows to store and manage all the documentation of a company. This translates into the elimination of physical document handling.

But, like everything, there are pros and cons to using Docuware.

Benefits of using DocuWare

When the physical management of documentation is eliminated in the HR department of a company, and the use of DocuWare is implemented, many benefits are obtained, including:

Digitization of documents

This brings many benefits, among them, the obvious economic savings, by eliminating the need to make photocopies, buy shelves, among other things. In addition, it allows you to keep documents in good condition, something essential in the HR department.

Optimum handling

By having all the documents in the cloud, it will be much faster and easier to search for the document you require. DocuWare will allow you to do advanced searches using specific filters to find everything faster.

Higher performance

By having everything more organized and have faster access to documentation, the performance of the entire HR department will be much higher. This way they will be able to occupy more time, resolving situations with the employees.

Maximum security

The use of DocuWare guarantees that the HR department does not lose any documentation, since all documents uploaded to the platform will be protected, even from hackers. So, only authorized employees of the deparment will have access to them.

Disadvantages of using DocuWare

Using these document managers can generate some disadvantages such as:

Unmotivated staff

When something innovative arrives, it is normal that some of the employees, especially those that have been in the company for a long time, do not feel comfortable with the situation, causing a lack of motivation. For this reason, we recommend that before applying digitization, HR employees are well trained.

Immediate investment

Although eliminating physical paperwork certainly saves money in the long run, implementing the entire Docuware document management system implies investing a certain amount of money, which can become a problem if the company does not have the financial solvency to do so.

In conclusion, implementing a DocuWare document manager in the HR department of your company can bring you many benefits, just make sure that the company is prepared to face this investment. If you want to know more about DocuWare, feel free to get in contact with us. We will be delighted to tell you more about it or answer any questions you may have!

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