A document manager with a 360 vision of your business processes

In an increasingly digital world, the automation of business processes is a “must have”. And within these processes we can highlight the flows of accounts payable.

To help companies manage these flows, DocuWare has developed a document manager that allows a 360 view of the entire billing process, from receipt of the invoice to the moment it is posted.

Now accessing documents and checking the current status of an invoice is very easy. The DocuWare platform allows you to manage your documentation and run your workflows from anywhere and at any time, through the app or the web.

  • Pre-defined and scalable solutions to the needs of your company

    • Finance and accounting
    • Human Resources
    • Sales
    • Secure document filing
    • Mobile and distributed workforce
    • For small and medium businesses
    • For large companies
    • Cloud / on-premise
  • Information capture and organization

    • Intelligent Indexing
    • Mobile document upload
    • Full text indexing
    • Document scanning and classification
    • Data enrichment
    • Approval / review flows
    • Email integration
    • SAP Integration
  • Document processing and workflow management

    • Digital edition
    • Task control
    • Workflow automation
    • Version management
    • Electronic signature
    • Data export
    • Clear rules and exceptions
  • Access and display of content for decision making

    • English Flexible searches
    • Mobile access
    • Shared documents
    • Online document viewer
    • Permission management
    • Configurable alerts
    • Linked documents
    • Grouping documents