Workflow and document management solutions for your sales force

We all agree that the main task of a salesperson is to achieve successful sales. In order to achieve this, sales teams spend many hours meeting with customers, and travelling from place to place, leaving little time for other, more administrative tasks.

DocuWare helps maximise the efficiency of sales teams with its intelligent document management, providing fast search and access from wherever they are in the world at the time.

So, how could DocuWare help the sales department?

The main benefits DocuWare will bring to your commercial team are:

  • Greater accessibility to your documents: Documents are archived centrally in DocuWare and organised in such a way that they can be accessed at any time and from any device, whether in the middle of a meeting or on the way to a visit. DocuWare has mobile apps for iOS and Android, which enable employees to initiate, participate in and complete digital processes, facilitating information flows between them and, as a result, more agile and accurate decision-making.
  • Proposal and opportunity management: The process of closing a new opportunity with a customer may have to go through several approvals from different departments in the company. DocuWare enables the creation of approval routes with colleagues, as well as with partners and potential customers. These routes not only speed up the process, but also guarantee the security of documents at all times, preventing loss, forgetfulness and unnecessary editing. Whenever we create a shared task with colleagues, we can link all documents related to that process such as invoices, updates, reminders, etc. This will reduce customer response time.
  • Electronic signature: In many cases, commercial processes can take a long time. By making use of electronic signatures in DocuWare, you not only speed up part of the process, but also guarantee the authenticity and legality of the business information being shared. This signature can take place whether the signatory is present or in a remote location, which facilitates the relationship with the potential customer.
  • Smart Connection: DocuWare has been integrated with 500 different applications. With its intelligent connection, any application can be securely integrated into DocuWare without any programming. With just one click, you can immediately view documents related to an offer, opportunity, transaction or customer. In this way, the sales team can always stay connected and up to date with the latest updates and opportunities.
  • Email integration: A salesperson’s inbox is a key point when it comes to receiving important messages from colleagues, prospects and partners. DocuWare can therefore be integrated with Outlook or any other email provider (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.). With this integration, you can store and archive emails directly in DocuWare, group related emails and even include incoming messages in workflows. All these management possibilities will contribute to a tidy inbox, which will save you time when searching for documents and answering important emails to potential customers.

As you can see, DocuWare is much more than a document manager: it can help you maximise the productivity not only of your sales team but also of your Human Resources team, your company’s logistics and supply chain and much more.

If you would like to know more about the DocuWare features mentioned in this article, or how it could help other departments in your company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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