Why use DocuWare forms?

More and more companies are making use of forms to request information from people both inside and outside the company. Some of the most common use cases are: requesting confirmation of an order from a supplier, requesting personal information (name, ID card number, social security number, address, etc.) from a new employee, etc.

In order to meet this need, DocuWare has the perfect tool to generate powerful forms quickly and easily.

Here we take a look at the reasons why using DocuWare forms is a good option:

1. They are private but can also be public

They are public in the sense that they can be shared both with users of the company’s document management system and with external personnel. Furthermore, it is not a requirement to have a DocuWare licence in order to complete the form. It can be shared with as many people as necessary.

2. It is a simple and quick way to collect information in a structured way.

The link to complete the form can be shared in different ways with the person in charge of completing the form: email, chat, etc. The user who receives it will only have to click on the link he/she receives and will be able to complete the data. Once you have finished, all you have to do is click on submit.
It is possible to set up automatic notifications both to send the link to the form and to confirm that it has been completed to the person who requested it.

3. Time saving

Using a standardised form avoids having to collect information on an individual basis, which saves time for both the data collector and those completing the form. In addition, frequent errors and omissions are avoided by having a clear and specific format and by the use of predefined fields.

4. The collected information can be processed automatically.

All the information that the user enters in the form can be processed automatically by the manager thanks to the use of workflows. For example, if the submitted form is intended to collect information from a new employee of the company, it is possible to automatically move the new information to the file where the rest of the employee’s data is stored.

5. It is possible to attach additional documentation

If the person filling out the form needs to include a supplementary document, he or she can do so, as DocuWare allows documents to be attached. It is also possible to mark as compulsory the attachment of a document if required by the applicant.

DocuWare Form

6. Allows the generation of reports

By using a form, the data collected can be easily analysed and used to generate reports. This helps to make informed, data-driven decisions more quickly.

7. Can be merged

This functionality makes filling out the questionnaires much faster and offers the advantage of processing this information through DocuWare workflows in order to be able to send the collected data to our PowerBI, for example.

If you have any questions or want to know more about DocuWare forms, please contact us, we will be happy to help you and show you how they work.

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