Implementation and integration of the Tradeshift® platform with your corporate tools

Connect your supply chain with digital markets, payments, and apps.


Tradeshift® drives supply chain innovation towards a digitally connected economy. As a leader in payments to supply chain markets and providers, Tradeshift® helps buyers and suppliers digitize all their business operations, collaborate in each process, and connect to any supply chain app. Over 1.5 million companies in 190 countries use the Tradeshift® platform to process their transactions.

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What Tradshift solutions do we offer?

Tradeshift® Platform

Tradeshift Platform is the largest platform in the world for trade between companies. It connects you globally with all your buyers and suppliers, all in one place and in real time. You can make changes and updates through the network and expand your business processes to users, partners, and your entire ecosystem.

Tradeshift® Private Marketplace

This allows you to take full advantage of the experience of the Tradeshift network combined with total control to develop and maintain your own self-managed marketplace. With Tradeshift Private Marketplace you can create and select a marketplace and develop your network on the Tradeshift trading platform; bring together the buyers and suppliers of your choice; build a new business model to create new business opportunities; and improve the shopping experience with third-party applications integrated into the network.

Tradeshift® Pay

This solution allows you to take complete digital control of each invoice, each prepayment program, and all the future possibilities of your supply chain. All in one place! Achieve hyper-efficient payment automation, double your benefits, and make your payments a valuable asset that contributes to your bottom line.

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