Benefits of implementing DocuWare for supply chain and logistics management

As mentioned in the post about the 2023 trends within the procurement solutions and services marketplace, supply chains worldwide have been heavily affected over the past years due to the pandemic, the war of Russia against Ukraine and now they face an imminent recession. In this article, we would like to outline the positive impact that process automation can have in the supply chain, logistics and transportation of your organisation. 

DocuWare is a management software and workflow automation tool that can be used to streamline and automate processes within a supply chain and logistics operations such as order processing and inventory management. The digitalization of such processes can help businesses to reduce paper waste, costs and human errors as well as to improve the efficiency of their processes. This tool also has the capability to integrate with other software and tools like ERP, CRM, transportation, and warehouse management systems which helps create seamless workflows between different systems and provide real-time visibility of inventory, shipment tracking and other key information. Implementing DocuWare will increase the ability to monitor and track your supply chain locally and internationally. 

In the logistics sector, invoicing and monitoring processes can be impacted negatively by crucial documents being stuck or lost onboard a truck, train, or airplane. Labour shortages impacting warehouse operations and delays in unloading of goods contribute to delays in invoice processing and collecting revenue. All these results in cash flow being unnecessarily slowed or even paused. However, with DocuWare documents can be scanned and uploaded to the platform by drivers after delivery, which means that the automated invoice processing starts immediately. Thanks to the digital transport file, everyone involved in the process is always up to date and has access to all the documents needed. On top of this, central achieving and full-search functions save you time, allowing more efficiency to process more order or plan new projects.  

Additionally, DocuWare also provide a compliance and reporting feature, where you can keep records of your inventory, shipping, and receiving processes in compliance with industry regulations and standards. This is particularly important for businesses in regulated industries, such as healthcare or finance. 

Implementing this user-friendly solution will save your organisation significant cost on hardware and IT time as well as offer protection against cybersecurity threats and natural disasters wit a safe disaster recovery plan. 

If you would like to know more about DocuWare, contact us and we will be happy to help you increase the efficiency and productivity of your organisation.

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