Why you should upgrade SAP VIM?

We have already covered what news brought the latest VIM versions, however, this post is about the importance of being up to date with the technology and keep them updated.  

Protect information and ensure that data is unique, truthful and not manipulable is the ultimate goal. To give it value, it is necessary that everything that surrounds it is as optimized as posible. This optimization is only achievable through updates that offer: improvements, efficiency, security, compatiblity, productivity, speed, etc. If our system is not secure, if the information that reaches us has not passed a number of necessary filters that certify that what we have in our hands is true, we may incur in that we have a very vulnerable system, which can be easily attacked, with that can derive in great losses for the company. 

But then, okay, let’s say we already have a secure system, that is also fast and efficient, that improves our productivity and store sour data correctly. However, we shall wonder whether it is attractive, whether it shows the information we want, and how the user experience is.

Why is it a good idea to upgrade VIM?

VIM is constantly working to always be up to date. As we already know, SAP Vendor Invoice Management is a SAP module for invoice management developed by OpenText.

VIM updates bring the following:

  • Faster and efficient invoices processing
  • Optimization of the recognition of the fields per invoice
  • Greater minimization of human error
  • Reduced invoice processing time
  • Stability in the system
  • Single data reinforcement
  • The system becomes more efficient
  • Greater cohesion with the different modules that crosses data

Being a module that is integrated with SAP, every time a new update is launched, VIM is perfectly synchronized with the same level, benefiting from all the new features such as security, as long as it is also updated to the new version.

The latest VIM versions are built to work with S/4HANA. So, if you are thinking of migrating from SAP to SAP S/4HANA, take advantage of it and automate your accounts payable processes. In this latest SAP version, a new functionality has appeared that makes user-system interaction much friendlier, much more accesible from different devices while maintaining the same fuctionality, even improving most of them. This new solution is called FIORI, and VIM is fully compatible with it.

From this new application you can approve or reject invoices via web, tablet or mobile phone, confirm whether the quantity or the price, correct resolve exceptions, and much more.  For instance, you can enjoy a set of reports that tell us how many invoices are pending, if there are many data reading errors, etc.

In addition to this, it has been demonstrated that the use of VIM can help reduce paper up to 80%.

These are the main reasons we believe having VIM up to date is so important. If you are thinking of carrying out an upgrade project, and need help, get in contact with us. We would be happy to help you!

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