SAP VIM Solutions Beyond Invoices

You probably have read in our posts or webinars the benefits of OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions (VIM) and how it helps automate the vendor invoice process.

But this time, and as the name of this posts indicates, we are going one step further (or several)!

What is SAP VIM Solutions Beyond Invoices?

SAP VIM Solutions Beyond Invoices is the solution for both SAP ECC and S/4HANA that allows automating the processing of incoming documents in SAP. When we talk about incoming documents in SAP, we are not only referring to supplier invoices. VIM Allows us to centralize all incoming document processing thanks to the following solutions:

  1. Invoice Solution
  2. Procure to Pay Solutions
    1. Order Confirmation
    2. Delivery Note
    3. Quotation
  3. Order to Cash Solutions
    1. Sales Order
    2. Remittance Advice

The new VIM solutions for processing sales, invoices, orders, delivery notes… are also based on an automation process that allows receiving and recording the information received from any type of document to improve the business results of your company.

VIM Beyond Invoices: entry channels

We can receive any type of document regardless of the reception channel with VIM Beyond Invoices:

  • Business Networks such as Tradeshift, Ariba, etc.
  • Email
  • Paper
  • PDF
  • Fax
  • Excel file

At the same time, it allows a quick and easy integration with the powerful OCR “Intelligent Capture for SAP Solutions by OpenText”. Intelligent Capture is a step beyond simple data recognition, a powerful knowledge-based OCR and Machine Learning that enables constant learning.

Intelligent Capture only needs a couple of received documents so that the machine learning algorithm is able to identify in more than 90% of the cases each and everyone of the fields that we need to recognize in a document.

Any type of document in the VIM Beyond Invoices solutions allows us to treat each type of document within SAP, from a single point of entry.

Although the end goal is to achieve a straightforward, hands-off process and a high leve lof automation, VIM Beyond Invoices allows us to perform additional checks on received documents to identify common exceptions that should be addressed to achieve even higher levels of automation.

Each of the solutions includes preconfigured mapping rules, business rules for each type of document that work quickly and efficiently (checking for price discrepancias, quantity, multiple delivery dates of goods, payment condition check, etc.), user roles and user actions as well as learning-based enrichment features that automate the check-in process.

All solutions allow working in the same way from Fiori, with complete integration both to work with your computer and with your own Smartphone.

Finally, VIM Beyond Invoices is not a simple processing tool, it also allows us to have all the information available through a wide suite of operational and analytical reports.

We are going to publish several webinars and entries for each one of the solutions, so, if you want to know more about SAP VIM Beyond Invoices, stay tuned! Or, if you would like to discuss the solutions or have any questions, please do get in contact with us!

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