VIM Tips: Refer to another user button

VIM’s main goal is to ensure that the righ user can resolve the right exception in the shortest time possible in order to fully automate invoices procesing.

Sometimes that user needs the support of another colleague to verify the missing information. For this you can use the button “Refer”.

VIM Consult other user botton step 1

It is very useful to send the document to the inbox of the user that needs to be consulted by leaving a comment for greater efficiency. This means that the user that receives it in their tray can quickly locate the reason for the consultation.

 VIM Consult other user button step 2

It can be sent to one or more users selected from a fully cuztomizable list. The system proposes a list according to roles and users can be added or removed from this list so that the document reaches the indicated person or persons.

VIM Consult other user button step 3

Finally, the consulted user can return the document so that its process is completed with the comments or the required information.

VIM Consult other user button step 4
VIM Consult other user button step 5

This VIM functionality allows the work between teams to be more fluid and to be monitored for subsequent consultations, improving the efficiency of communication and gathering all the steps in the same process history without the need for external communications that are difficult to trace if they are not properly documented.

VIM Consult other user button step 6

At Brait, we have been implementing VIM projects for many years, training users, and adapting these solutions to the specific needs of each client. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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