Invoice approval flows in DocuWare

How is the automatic processing of invoices carried out? In this article we will explain it in detail and we will guide you so that you can apply it in the department of the company where you need it, since those are the advantages of having such versatile and adaptable softwareas DocuWare.

How is the automatic processing of invoices carried out? 

Thanks to DocuWare invoices can be controlled digitally through electronic stamps, tasks, lists, etc. This process is much more efficient than the classic sending of emails between the collaborators of a company.

The steps to follow are the following:

1 – Import Source of Invoices

Document capture can be done automatically from email, web form, digital print and from a mobile device. Once we do, the platform will automatically recognize the header and lines.

2 – Verification of the invoice data

During this step we will verify that the data on the invoice is correct as required by law.

3 – Approval

With a single click, authorized persons can approve invoices from any device. The process is 100% adaptable to your rules and validations.

4 – Integration

DocuWare is capable of integrating with any platform including ERP, CRM, etc. and for this reason, once the invoice is approved no resource is needed to process and reflect this record on your platform (ERP, CRM, BI, etc.).

Approved invoices will be ready to be paid.

What will we have achieved with this workflow? 

By going through this workflow, what we will have achieved is a significant saving of paper in the billing process. Additionally, user intervention has been necessary only in the data verification process, thus complying with current regulations.

In other words, we will have optimized time, streamlined the work process and saved resources. This automatic process can be implemented in all áreas of the company to achieve a smooth and efficient workflow.

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