Improve customer communications with OpenText Exstream and OpenText Notifications

The correct communication with the customer is of utmost importance for the success of any company, since through it all the necessary messages can be transmitted so that the customer knows the characteristics and operation of the products or services offered. In addition, communication also allows to establish a relationship of trust with the customer, which can lead to customer loyalty.

Direct communication with customers is the main marketing channel of any company, so it is essential that communication with the customer is clear, concise and personalized. It is necessary that the communications sent to customers deal with topics, products or services that may be of interest to them, otherwise, customers or potential customers will stop paying attention to the communications they receive from our company.

OpenText’s Exstream application is a content management solution that allows you to create, manage and distribute personalized content across multiple channels, and thanks to its integration with OpenText Notifications, makes it possible to cover all communication channels, including email, SMS, voice and fax, in a single solution to help you personalize and deliver messages to your customers through their preferred channel.

OpenText Notifications benefits 

There are many benefits of sending personalised communications using OpenText Exstream:

  • Increased conversion: the number of sales can increase because you are offering the customer just what they need.
  • Increased trust: when communications are personalized, the customer feels more involved and cared for, which increases engagement with the brand.
  • Increased retention: the customer will feel more valued and will retain more of the information they receive from the brand if it is personalized.
  • Greater recognition: the customer will perceive that the brand cares about them and dedicates the necessary time, which will result in greater recognition.
  • Greater loyalty: the customer will be more inclined to buy the brand’s products and to defend it against the competition if communications are personalized, since he will feel that the company has what he needs at all times.
  • You will avoid sending irrelevant communications that will lead to the loss of subscribers.

If you think that OpenText Exstream can help you in your customer communications, do not hesitate to contact us and our consultants will guide you on the best way to implement it in your company.

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