Enhancements and Innovations in OpenText Extended ECM 23.2

Last week, the release of version 23.2 of some of OpenText’s main products was announced.

As usual, the company continues with its cloud adoption strategy, within the so-called “Titanium” project, presenting new features in all its solutions every quarter. The Cloud Editions (CE) versions follow OpenText’s roadmap where process modernization and cloud-based digital transformation are prioritized.

Among the main products announced by OpenText, we are going to highlight the latest news and innovations presented for one of its most popular products Extended ECM (formerly known as OpenText Content Server or also OTCS).

Extended ECM Capabilities

Since the last quarter of last year, the various Extended ECM capabilities (now known as Extended ECM capabilities) have been reorganized and grouped into so-called X-Plans. Let’s review the different novelties presented in each of these plans.

X1 Plan – Boost team productivity

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Most relevant is the strong commitment and continuous improvement in the integration with Microsoft Teams, allowing to adopt the Teams content structure, synchronize members and even create business workspaces from the same Teams screen.

OpenText Extended ECM Integration with Microsoft Teams

This is thanks to the seamless synchronization of information and content between the two systems, thus increasing user productivity and facilitating document collaboration and co-authoring.

Smart view Interface

New improvements, some of them long awaited for some time, were presented for the user interface of the smart view, for example:

  • New layout option.
  • Support for creating generations (element used to reference versions).
  • My reserved items widget
  • Improvements incontent intelligence with webReports.
  • New Content Manager role, a different role from the administrator or system user, to manage secure access to all platform content.
  • Improvements in the Notification Center, where it is now possible to customize e-mails with the corporate image of each company and to choose the periodicity of the messages (immediate, daily or weekly).

New business scenarios were also announced for Procurement and Sales, joining the existing business process library, where we find:

  • Agreements.
  • Projects.
  • Teamspaces.
  • Enterprise Asset Management.
  • Real Estate Management.

X2 Plan – Build cross-functional excellence

Integration with SAP

Within this plan, we have the famous Extended ECM integrations with business applications, being the integration with SAP the most outstanding one. And here we have the new out of the box UI integration for S/4 Hana Fiori applications, this is thanks to SAP’s own initiative with S/4 Hana Harmonized Document Management to make Extended ECM part of the user experience within the Fiori application views.

Support related to the access of all SAP users with different mobile devices (tablets and mobiles) has also been announced.

Document Generation

Previously, this functionality was primarily intended for integration with SAP SuccesFactors, but is now fully available with the X2 Plan license (also with X3) and can be used at the touch of a button from any business workspace.

This allows you to quickly create template-based documents with metadata values extracted from a business workspace, automate the generation of documents based on events or metadata and save users a lot of time and effort with just a few clicks thanks to the ease and simplicity of using this functionality.

Intelligent Viewing

New features have been introduced in this capability, such as banners and watermarks to make annotations and marks within a document. Also the use of OCR to extract information from PDF documents and the option to easily compare two documents on the same screen.

X3 Plan – Bridge across enterprise boundaries (Cloud Services Extensions)

Core Capture

The high accuracy and efficiency of this Intelligent Capture for SAP Solutions (based on machine learning) for automating routine tasks such as the classification and archiving of documents in large quantities has been highlighted.

In a practical example, the speed and ease of using the Intelligent Filing widget to automatically classify documents has been tested. This allows the automatic extraction of metadata, as well as its classification, and saving it directly into a subfolder of a workspace.

This feature is really useful when managing large volumes of documents that require high accuracy in data recognition and classification.

OpenText Cloud Content

New features and innovations were also presented for the cloud versions, known as OpenText Content Cloud, of which you can learn more directly from the OpenText’s blog entry new integration with IDOL and the new connectors for Microsoft® Power Automate that allow automating processes quickly and effortlessly, reducing IT investment by taking advantage of the tools already consolidated in the market for collaborative work.

If you want to know more about these new features and other OpenText products, do not hesitate to contact our team, who will be happy to help you with everything you need for the digital transformation of your company.

Source: OpenText (blog y resources from OpenText World EMEA 2023 event)

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