DocuWare: News on process digitalization

In an ever-changing and increasingly digitized world, it is important to have a tool with solutions that adapt to this new reality.

In this article we show you the latest updates integrated by DocuWare to optimize the automation of your customers’ workflows and guarantee the security of your documents.

Connect to Teams

Microsoft Teams has become part of our daily work life and is increasingly being used to share documents. These documents run the risk of getting lost in various chats and channels. They should be archived immediately to ensure that they can be easily retrieved in the future.

Thanks to the new DocuWare application in Teams, you can archive your documents in a secure and structured way and make them available to all authorized users. Workflows can also be triggered through these archived documents.

This new feature also allows you to share documents already archived in DocuWare via a chat or a Teams channel through a link, without having to leave the DocuWare platform. This is possible because the link to the archive is shared, while the original archive remains securely stored in DocuWare.

Connect to Teams is available to all DocuWare Cloud customers. The app is available in the Teams app area of the Microsoft Store. To publish archived documents in chats and channels, the “Share” function for Microsoft Teams only needs to be activated once in the organizational settings of the DocuWare configuration.

DocuWare Mobile

In the wake of the pandemic and increasingly so, the number of employees working out of an office is on the rise. We find that the new reality is work teams formed of employees working in multiple locations and sometimes in multiple time zones. Therefore, the best way to keep working teams connected is through our most accessible devices, cell phones, always at hand.

DocuWare provides IOS and Android apps that allow employees to complete digital processes for more streamlined information flows. The new version of DocuWare Mobile incorporates even more features: you can now save documents, images, and files from other apps directly in a DocuWare file cabinet. You can also attach a document from the tray to an archived document.

To consult any of the new features or functionalities mentioned in this article, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your company.

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