Intelligent document management helps to digitize companies

The high volume of information and documents that companies work with today is causing IT department managers to depend, more and more, on the implementation of intelligent document management solutions.

With a focus on digital transformation, the opportunities presented by new technologies and the transition from analog to virtual, opens a whole range of actions to address that enable the replacement of printed documents by electronic formats that provide greater effectiveness and efficiency to companies and their workers.

The change involves smart document management, that is, the implementation of a solution that allows the management, handling and preservation of all the documents generated by a company, regardless of their origin. With this transformation, organizations have the ability to use their data whenever they need it (in an easy and simple way), adding the value of converting documentation into information thanks to search systems, traceability, reports, etc. that a solution of this type has.

Smart Document Management uses new technologies, such as image processing, semantics or natural language for document management. It is possible to automate administrative tasks related to document capture, information processing or data classification. In addition to meeting the needs at all stages of the document life cycle.

Among the many benefits of using a management solution the time saving is notable, thanks to the speeding up of the documentary processes, the time of searching, classifying and sending documents; greater security in text processing and the consequent economic savings, which translates into increased productivity. In addition to preventing the dissemination of information, eliminating management errors, being able to improve the integration of systems and departments, and increase ROI.

Intelligent document management: SAP and OpenText

There are numerous products on the market that help to digitize and organize all the company’s documents. This is the case of the solution designed by OpenText, Extended Enterprise Content Management, known as Extended ECM, that stands out from the rest by putting the content in context.

This solution is at the forefront among its competitors to help organizations to digitize their processes and supply chains. Thanks to it, decisionsin the organization are made based on data. OpenText has designed the most powerful and versatile tool on the market, that can be integrated with any external system that can interact with its powerful API, for custom integrations, since the manufacturer has updated out-of-the-box solutions for the most used solutions in the market such as SAP, Salesforce, SuccessFactors, Hybris, Sharepoint, Oracle, etc.

Regarding the business suite developed by SAP, Extended ECM is a product used internally and sold by SAP, being the only existing document manager in the market that is certifiedto be used by all currently active versions, including this, the latest version of S4/HANA or its database. With Extended ECM you don’t have to wait forever to be aligned with your ERP since OpenText launches its updates in parallel to SAP.

Extended ECM bases its operation on two pillars: giving value to the information and making it available.

  • With Extended ECM the information is extended beyond the simple content of the document, since, thanks to the collection of additional information from the source system, the user has valuable information in one place.
  • Moreover, it makes it available to the user, because having information is not synonymous with usability. Extended ECM eliminates this possibility since it provides the user of the simplest and most powerful interface with an intelligent search engine that does not make you waste time with eternal searches. In this OpenText solution, a contract will never remain unapplied because the system will warn of its expiration or a document will not remain forever to be validated because its powerful Workflow management tool will be pending so that it does not occur.

At Brait we are specialists in SAP and OpenText so if you need more information or help with the implementation of your digitalization project, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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