Optimization of HR processes with OpenText Extended ECM

The widespread adoption of telecommuting and distributed teams, where each employee can be in one location, makes being able to work in a coordinated manner in HR processes by sharing documentation, maintaining processes and following all policies for retention, approval and management of documentation, one of the most important points of daily work.

Teleworking and distributed team management is something that will grow over time and will be one of the most important points in improving the daily work of HR teams, allowing the management of several plants, work centers or employees in a coordinated, centralized and secure way.

How to optimize HR work?

OpenText Extended ECM is a content management solution that allows companies to have a tool with which their teams can get the job done right. Facilitates the implementation of new work policies regarding the documentation to be created and managed in the different phases of the employee hiring and management processes.. It also conforms to legislation such as GDPR and similar, where each type of data and document will have a different lifecycle.

Extended ECM is a tool through which you can unify the data of people between connected tools, the documentation associated with them and the processes they require on a daily basis, all under the same platform.

The work efficiency by centralizing work and documentation on one platform, as well as productivity improvements in the automation of document generation processes for employee onboarding, job changes, or employee registrations are just a few examples of the power of Extended ECM for HR.

Registering a new candidate and generating the associated recruitment documentation with all the data of the future employee becomes a simple task with Extended ECM. It also allows you to have templates of different documents that will be used in the different steps of the candidate search process, employee registration and day-to-day management of workers.

Currently, the HR teams work with between 30-50 documents per employee in some cases, which can lead to inconsistencies if not working with a centralized repository and additionally to a reduction in productivity in case of having to repeat documents, correct manually entered data or wait for approvals via email, telephone, etc.

OpenText Extended ECM

OpenText Extended ECM for HR

OpenText Extended ECM for HR allows to unify access to documentation from the main HR tools, having a default integration with SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors.

In addition to the possibility of making developments to integrate Extended ECM with other HR platforms, in case there is no connector already created for them.

This makes it possible to access the documentation container, archive new documents and open or modify existing ones without leaving these applications, collaborating with other people who are using another tool that is also connected in a way that is transparent to the users.

Some of the key points of Extended ECM are:

  • Folder structure templates to organize documentation.
  • Automation of documentation creation and approval processes.
  • Management of retention periods for different documents and automatic deletion after the end of the defined period.
  • Document approval flows.
  • Document review and modification workflows to be sent to all employees.
  • Complete audit of processes and modifications or access to documents.
  • Automatic creation of documents with the data of new employees.
  • A single version of metadata across all platforms avoids inconsistencies and time-consuming troubleshooting and correction of problems.
OpenText Extended ECM

OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors

OpenText has an integration module with SAP SuccessFactors to help with workflows and associated employee documentation in SAP, creating a folder structure per employee where you can add documents easily and with all the employee’s metadata already associated to the new documents.

With the new “Event Action Center” functionality, Extended ECM can be integrated with SuccessFactors Workflows to automatically generate documents and initiate other activities through existing workflows.

OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors

It is also possible to do it in the cloud thanks to Exstream Cloud Service.

Regulatory compliance and safety

Extended ECM has a security layer that allows compliance with the different privacy regulations governing sensitive employee documentation, with different levels of permissions and access, ensuring that only authorized persons have access to confidential documentation.

The lifecycle of the various documents as defined in regulations such as GDPR will be automated, allowing documents and personal data of candidates to be deleted after the maximum legal deadline automatically, without the need for users to do lengthy searches by date and check each case one by one against the legal requirements.

Likewise, by being able to trace all accesses and modifications on metadata and documents, it will be possible to audit compliance with regulations and obtain the necessary data in case of legal requirements.

OpenText Extended ECM is positioned as the tool par excellence for automated HR documentation management. At Brait, we have years of experience implementing these projects and we will be happy to help you with yours. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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