Integration between Exstream Cloud Service and OpenText™ Core for SAP® SuccessFactors® 22.2

Is it possible to empower the user to generate their own communication templates?

Communication with employees is vital in any organization. However, as an organization grows, delivering it in a timely manner can be a challenge for the corresponding departments.

The design of communication templates should be flexible and accessible to any user because, when the relevant departments need to communicate something important, it can be frustrating to wait for IT to make the changes. Often, by the time the information is sent, the message has lost relevance or the deadline has not been met.

This is why the organization needs to rely on a powerful, agile and flexible document generation system that allows users to gain control of communications easily, efficiently, and allows them to deliver it in a multitude of formats (PDF, eMail, SMS, etc.).

Exstream Cloud Service: the SaaS application that allows users to design and generate communications.

Exstream for OpenText™ Core for SAP® SuccessFactors® integrates employee communication with the leading document management company’s document generation system, OpenText, connected to the leading cloud HR management provider, SuccessFactors.

Exstream Cloud Service accelerates the design, modification and delivery of a large number of templates from scratch, thanks to the modularization of the different phases of the template creation process: resources (fonts, logos, datasets, headers, etc.), master templates, final templates and customized editing.

To achieve this, this solution provides three editing tools for different purposes:

  • Communications Designer: this is the tool focused on the creation of master templates to lay the foundations for creating content later from Content Author. Here the fonts, margins, headers, logos, etc., are set to maintain a consistent design among all those associated with each template category.
  • Content Author: allows creating final templates from the master template that was defined from Communication Designer. In this way, users can generate content to publish a final template without having to repeat designs and maintaining visual coherence.
  • Empower: this is the tool for editing documents before saving them. For example, we may want to generate a document for an employee from a specific template, but with some tweaks before saving it to customize it. Empower allows us to do just that: edit the final document so that we don’t need to generate a new template as a one-off.

In addition, Exstream Cloud Service has a user-friendly web interface, both for template design and resource management, for an optimized user experience.

In short, this application allows users to generate their own communication templates, streamlining work, avoiding waits between different departments and maintaining visual consistency between them.

OpenText™ Core for SAP® SuccessFactors® 22.2 includes Exstream Cloud Service in its license, so you can start taking advantage of all the above benefits and many more. If you are interested in it, our consultants will be able to advise you on how to get the most out of it while minimizing costs.

If you want to know more about this product, you can keep up to date through regular posts in the specific document management section of our blog.

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