Extending the analytical capabilities of VIM Analytics

We have already talked about the advantages of using OpenText’s VIM solution to automate and optimise the supplier invoice management process In order to have real control and visibility of the lifecycle of these invoices, VIM has a series of reports that facilitate their analysis, and the flagship analytical tool of this product is VIM Analytics. On this post we talk about its advantages, limitations and capacity for improvement

VIM Analytics provides a very detailed view of the status of all supplier invoices.. From here, it is possible to view the list of documents filtering by the criteria we need, and access relevant information about each of them, such as the supplier number, document date, reference, currency, amount, among other fields:

This information is presented in a clear and user-friendly manner:

But what happens when our clients’ needs go beyond the standard fields offered by VIM Analytics?

Like any SAP tool, this report has certain limitations, and it is common for companies to require more information to speed up and complement the analysis of their invoices. At Brait, we are experts in taking and analysing specific requirements, and thanks to the flexibility of VIM, we can implement new analytical capabilities in VIM Analytics.

An example of this is the case of one of our clients, who asked us to create a custom field in the VIM Analytics output screen that would show the name of the user who had validated the document in the OCR To do so, we implemented the custom field “Validated by”, with custom logic that retrieves the SAP user who validated the document from the VIM log tables, to meet the customer’s need to be able to visualise and measure the OCR validating users for each VIM document.

Another client asked us to add the standard “Archive document type” field in the VIM Analytics selection screen, in order to be able to filter documents and search by this field. This extension allowed the customer greater flexibility and ease in locating specific documents within the system.

To summarise, VIM Analytics is a very flexible tool that allows customisation according to the specific needs of each client. And at Brait, we can help you extend the analytical capabilities of VIM Analytics to perfectly match your billing process and business needs.Contact us to find out how we can help you!

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