Improve the efficiency of the Accounts Payable department

There are countless solutions on the market to improve the efficiency of our Accounts Payable department. When deciding for one of them, we must always take into account several factors so that the product meets our needs and provides us with the effectiveness we are looking for.

In this post, we are going to focus on analyzing each of these factors in particular and, above all, why VIMis the undisputed leader in its mission.

Factors to consider:

  • Size of your organization: many of the solutions that we find in the market are designed exclusively for SMEs. Although these products are suitable for simple processes, they are not efficient for complex organizations with different entry channels, multi-company organizations or presence in various countries. In this sense, VIM offers us a unique adaptation capacity with specific processes preconfigured by country, rules aplicable by society and absolute adaptability when configuring the specific scenarios for our organization.
  • Integration with our ERP: perhaps one of the most important factors of any business software is how it adapts to the programs that are already in our company or how it fits into the processes already present in it. Any program that does not adapt to our SAP system natively will require an effort not only for implementation but also for transferring concepts that do not always coincide. VIM will not pose any problema in this regard, since it offers us “out of the box” many of the preconfigured processes base don the “best practices” of our sector, base don years of experience and continuous improvement of the product.
  • Ease of use:one of the pillars of any business software must be the ease with which our employees learn and adapt to its use. In this sense, many of the programs focused on accounts payable excessively require manual data entry. This confronts our employees with tedious and repetitive tasks. VIM drastically reduces all the manual stages of the process through the recognition, validation and verification of the data received through Machine Learning that will improve as we use the product. This will allow us to immediately redirect the efforts of our employees towards tasks with high added value that are more relevant to our organization, improving the resources allocated to our accounts payable department by 50%. In addition, it offers us useful simple and adatable interfaces to any platform that will allow our users to carry out their activity comfortably and without ties.

  • Scalability: the deployment of any producto is always an effort for our organization. In addition, we must bear in mind that all organizations evolve, grow and must adapt to new challenges at an ever-increasing rate. This is a serious problem for some products whose design does not facilitate or even does not allow the necessary flexibility for a modern company. Therefore, it is necessary that the producto we choose is capable n ot only of being easily deployed, but also that it is agile when it comes to adapting new requirements. As we have already pointed out, VIM offers many advantages directly “out of the box” but, in turn, its ability to host very sepecific processes of your organization or adapt to new situations is one of its great advantages.
  • Support: in an ever-changing environment, especially if we deal with companies in several countries, the chosen software must be able to quickly adapt to new legal requirements and quickly deal with any possible incident that slows down our processes. VIM offers periodic improvements as it is a producto in constant evolution. This will include any legal or technical requirements that we may encounter. Even if the solution does not offer it, its adaptability will allow it to cover any requirement in a simple way.
  • Reports and control: one of the weak points of many accounting programs is traceability and the ability to efficiently control our processes. VIM offers us a series of complete reports that will help us to know at a glance from our immediate obligations, the possible bottlenects that slow down our processes or very valuable information that will significantly improve the relationship with suppliers.

As you can see, there are several factors to take into account when choosing a solution that allows us to improve the efficiency of our Accounts Payable department and VIM is presented as the best solution.

If you want to know more about VIM, do not hesitate to contactus. We will be happy to help you.

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