OpenText’s new Fiori solution for OCR validation in VIM: Capture Validation Workplace

If you are already using Vendor Invoice Management by OpenText for vendor invoice management in your company, you are probably already familiar with OCR validation. This process is essential to validate the information contained in the invoices that arrive in PDF format and ensure that they are processed correctly.

OpenText has recently launched a new application that aims to simplify and improve this process: the new FIORI application “Capture Validation Workplace”. Below, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions, and how the new application has been successfully implemented at one of our customers, Delivery Hero.

What is OCR validation?

Before we dive into OpenText solutions, it is important to explain what is OCR validation in the VIM flow and what is it for? OCR validation is a process that verifies that the extracted information by the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software matches the information on the invoice. This process is important for two reasons:

  • To ensure the accuracy of the extracted data and therefore for the correct post-processing of the invoice.
  • To train the OCR software using machine learning.

Validation Client for SAP Solutions

Until recently, the only tool available from OpenText to perform OCR validation in VIM was the “Validation Client for SAP Solutions” program.

This software must be installed on each user’s desktop in order to use it, which results in a tedious and complicated process for system administrators to manage. In addition, the Validation Client requires users to log in to SAP in the program itself each time they want to use it, which could lead to delays and inconvenience in the validation process.

This is what the user interface of the program looks like:

Intelligent Capture

Another aspect to consider is that the software does not allow you to specifically select which invoice needs to be validated, as the documents arrive at the validator sequentially in order of arrival.

The new Fiori APP: Capture Validation Workplace

To address these disadvantages, OpenText has developed a new Fiori application called “Capture Validation Workplace”. This application allows OCR validation to be performed directly from SAP FIORI, without the need to install any software on the user’s desktop. This facilitates system administration and allows for greater efficiency in OCR validation. In addition, the new application offers other advantages, such as greater processing capacity, greater ease of use and the possibility of selecting the invoice to be validated.

Before accessing the APP we can easily see how many invoices we have pending validation:

Capture Validation Workplace

After selecting the document to be validated, this is how the OCR validation interface of a supplier invoice will look like in the new Fiori application:

Capture Validation Workplace

Comparison between the two solutions

Below is a comparison table between the “old” Validation Client for SAP Solutions solution and the new Fiori Capture Validation Workplace solution:

Validation Client for SAP Solutions vs Capture Validation Workplace

Successful implementation at Delivery Hero

At Brait we are always looking for new ways to improve our customers’ experience in their supplier invoice management processes. One of the cases in which we have implemented the new FIORI APP “Capture Validation Workplace” has been in Delivery Hero, one of our customers in the food delivery sector that uses SAP only through Fiori.

The Brait team, together with Pawan Kumar from the Finance Systems team at DH, worked hard to ensure that the integration was completed smoothly and without disruption to the business.

The testimony of Delivery Hero’s Senior Manager of Finance Systems, Olivier Yernaux, highlights the relevance of Brait’s experience and knowledge in the implementation of the new FIORI application, as Olivier states:

“Brait has provided us with a lot of value by recommending and advising us on the implementation of this new FIORI application, which has considerably improved the user experience in the OCR validation process in VIM.”

This new tool has been very well received by Brait’s customers, enabling them to carry out a faster and more efficient OCR validation process.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.

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