Electronic signature, more integrated and easy with our solution developed for OpenText Extended ECM Platform.

La firma electrónica remota es una herramienta que está revolucionando la manera en que firmamos documentos en la actualidad. With the ability to sign quickly, securely, and efficiently, remote e-signatures are an increasingly popular alternative to handwritten signatures In this article, we explore the advantages of using remote e-signatures, as well as their integration with the OpenText Extended ECM Platform.

Remote electronic signature is a process of signing electronic documents without the need to be physically present in the same place as the document. In Europe, its legality is set out in the eIDAS law, and its compliance requires it to be issued by platforms validated and certified by this law. In the case of our product developed for the OpenText Extended ECM document manager, we do this through ValidatedID.

The advantages of using remote electronic signatures include the following:

  • Speed: it allows documents to be signed much more quickly than handwritten signatures. It is not necessary for the person signing to travel to the place where the document is located, which saves considerable time.
  • Seguridad: reduce los errores humanos o la pérdida de documentos al realizarse en una plataforma guiada y sin necesidad de custodiar físicamente los documentos.
  • • Efficiency: it eliminates paper and automates processes, which means savings in cost, time and resources.
  • Productivity: users do not need so much time to get a signature so they can dedicate themselves to more productive tasks for the company.
  • Accessibility: users can sign documents from anywhere and at any time, which means greater flexibility and accessibility.

To achieve all of this, we have developed a module that is 100% integrated into the OpenText document manager, which allows documents to be sent without leaving the platform. In addition, we archive the document in its correct location and ensure that the person signing the document is who they say they are by means of double authentication via email and SMS to their mobile phone.

To make it easy to implement, we have packaged it and made it compatible with a wide range of OpenText document manager versions. Its installation is identical to that of any standard module, and we can take care of its maintenance and support.

If you are interested, contact us and we will give you a demonstration of our electronic signature module.

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