Electronic signature advantages: why choose Validated ID

In a society in which all advances are increasingly produced digitally, both on a personal and productive level in companies, it is important to offer different solutions, equally valid, that adapt to this new reality.

Be flexible and agile in the management of documents, signatures, contracts, agreements, etc. it is essential so that business processes are not interrupted. For this reason, digital solutions must be opted for, so that, in the event of not being able to carry out these face-to-face procedures, they allow the process to continue, ensuring the same validity and legal security that physical signatures have.

From Brait, we have already announced our partnership withValidated ID, which, with its VIDsigner service, allows the electronic signing of documents and contracts in person or online, from any device and place.

Electronic signature benefits

Replacing the face-to-face signature with the electronic signature, several benefits are obtained: optimization of resources and operating costs, time, storage, logistics that become time and money savings.

Physical signature process

The electronic signature guarantees both the authenticity and integrity of digital documents, allowing the identity of the person signing to be guaranteed and that the signed document has not been modified, also simplifying the signing process and increasing productivity.

Electronic signature process

Integrated electronic signature solution with your document manager

Our service is committed to offering a fully integrated and digitized document management solution for our clients, offering them, as we said before, different types of signatures so that they can choose the one that best suits their needs. Its integration with solutions such as ECM or DocuWare allows your documents to continue to be protected and legal, while being available from any device or place, avoiding direct and indirect expenses that physical signatures cause: paper, ink, storage, errors human rights, loss of documents, and a long etcetera that has an impact on the rest of the processes.

If you want to know how we can help you, do not hesitate to contact us.

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