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Types of electronic signature:
secure digitization and legal validity

Find out the different types of electronic signature available. All of them can be combined to suit your needs and have legal validity thanks to VIDsigner.

What is the biometric signature?

The biometric signature is that type of signature that occurs in a physical context, where the signer is asked to sign on an electronic device, usually a tablet.
This type of signature allows the maximum biometric information of the signer to be collected, such as pressure, inclination, signature speed, etc. Therefore, it has the necessary characteristics so that it can be considered valid.
Our partnership with Validated ID ensures the success of this process since they only work with market tablets that they calibrate themselves, ensuring that the document is viewed correctly by the signer and confirming that the recipient has read the document.

What is remote signature?

It allows sending documents so that anyone with a PC, Tablet or smartphone can sign easily and simply, avoiding unnecessary downloads. 
Security is important, especially when the type of signature is done remotely. To guarantee the security and reliability of a remote signature, a double validation is always carried out via email and OTP (One   Time Password) to the signer’s smartphone to ensure their identity. 

What is the centralized signature?

It is the easiest way to sign with the digital certificate, from anywhere, any browser, and any device.
This is possible thanks to the signer’s digital certificates that are stored in a centralized server (HSM server), which allows the signers not to need to download or install their own certificate.
It is designed for all those users who need to sign a large number of documents using a digital certificate.

What is the Smartcard?

Smartcard is a free app that allows any citizen who already has a DNI 3.0 to sign from their own Smartphone or PC thanks to NFC technology. It is fast, simple and safe.
This application is also valid for any other identity document from another country.

What is the electronic stamp?

It is an electronic signature system that guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the documents linked to it for automated processes, where there is no intervention by users.
Stamper complies with the eIDAS regulation and safely custody the signature key, thus facilitating that companies can perform automated signatures for those documents in non-contact environments. It is also compatible with the seal certificates issued by the main certification service providers, and can be combined with the rest of the signature modalities.

E-delivery, what is it?

VIDsigner E-Delivery is a reliable email communications service, which is the digital alternative to burofax and certified mail. Among its many advantages:
– Greater agility and security
– Cost reduction
– Evidence that certifies that the file has been delivered with all the necessary information to demonstrate that the recipient has received the email.
It is easy and simple to use, and of course, it provides full legal validity to your notifications.