Nymiz, our new partner for document anonymization

At Brait, we understand the importance of anonymizing personal data, especially when it is in local data repositories and in the cloud, which represents a significant risk for all companies, large or small.

Privacy regulations, increasingly strict with how personal data information is treated, requires companies to have a solution that allows anonymization and pseudonymization of personal data, in any type of content (structured or not) and in any type of document like PDF, Word, PowerPoint, emails, etc.

For this reason, we are delighted to introduce you to our new partner specialized in data anonymization: Nymiz.

Nymiz has experience anonymizing data from industries in the legal, healthcare, financial, insurance, consulting, public administration areas and many others.

This partnership has allowed us to work on an OpenText connector for Nymiz, which allows us to comply with all privacy laws and add security to avoid any type of attack that involves a breach in business systems. Therefore, if your documents are on the OpenText Content Server, this is your solution for the anonymization of personal data.

Advantages of document anonymization

In addition to complying with privacy and data treatment laws, such as LOPD, we can highlight many other advantages:

  • Automation of tasks for the processing of a large volume of data
  • Lower risk of data breach and exposure of personal data
  • The pseudonymization of databases of different companies allows their databases to be correlated without displaying or containing any personal data, therefore, the LOPD is not breached, nor does it have to ask the client for consent.

Now, thanks to Brait and Nymiz, you can continue to process the information in your business documents safely and without risk.

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