Optimize your sales processes with OpenText Extended ECM

Within a company’s internal processes, challenges are often faced in keeping information connected and accessible from different corporate applications. Connecting the information content (documents) with the various key business processes (purchasing, sales, finance, etc.) through the various corporate applications (SAP, Salesforce, SuccessFactors, etc.) is one of the biggest problems facing a company that wants to be smart and efficient when it comes to managing information.

Let’s take a look at how OpenText™ Extended ECM can solve one of the biggest headaches for a company to optimize the management of sales and customer service information from a single application quickly and easily.

Customer Communications – Microfost Office 365 Integration

Most of the formal communications with customers are generated through e-mails, where we receive order forms, for example, among other documents. From Microsoft Outlook itself we can capture, save and share all this customer documentation with the different key users involved in the sales process. Thanks to the “business workspace” concept used in Extended ECM, we will have a Client workspace with all relevant documentation and emails stored in one place from within MS Outlook.

Of course, having integration with the entire Office suite, we can also upload and save documents within the MS SharePoint application.

This allows speeding up and facilitating decision making for users who require access to critical or relevant documentation from other business applications (SAP or Salesforce, for example) without wasting time requesting information from other users and improving productivity and efficiency within the process.

Customer Data and Information – Salesforce Integration

Through the integration of OpenText™ Extended ECM with Salesforce, one of the leading and most famous CRM applications, all customer documentation can also be accessed and shared with all users using this application without leaving the application.

In this way, all information about a customer or an order from different sources is consolidated in one place. Thanks to this, you get a better relationship with your customers because you can easily locate all relevant account documentation and always have the information updated and synchronized with the CRM application. The tool also allows you to automate document notifications and validations (document validity, expiration date, expiration dates, etc.).

Order and contract data – Integration with SAP

With both ECC and S/4 HANA, OpenText™ Extended ECM can seamlessly integrate with the most popular ERP and have the content associated with all the data and business processes that are managed from SAP. Here the benefits are evident, by giving the required context and more business process information to SAP users, allowing for greater accuracy and speed in managing orders and contracts associated with a customer.

Of course, SAP users will be able to access all relevant information and documentation and can have visibility of the entire sales process, from the customer and their needs, to potential orders and sales opportunities that may be realized.

The improvement and optimization of key business processes should be a priority within the digital transformation of a company, therefore, it is necessary to obtain a competitive advantage through information management to enhance their most critical business processes, such as in the sales area, but can be applied to other areas or processes that require a modern, accessible and synchronized system with the main business applications.

OpenText™ Extended ECM integrates leading business applications to facilitate context to content by delivering it when and where it is needed most, to improve efficiency, decision-making power and drive better business outcomes. Users of different applications will be able to access information easily, quickly and securely.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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