Optimize sales cycles with OpenText Extended ECM for CRM

While sales professionals capture, manage and track customer interactions in CRM systems, often the documentation they receive and the information they need to do their jobs is spread across multiple platforms and tools.

Other content, such as contracts, letters of offer, quotations and invoices, is usually located in other systems for which they may not have access, or need to set aside what they are doing to log in and get the appropriate information.

OpenText Extended ECM for CRM

With OpenText Extended ECM, all tools can be connected, centralising documentation in a single repository accessible from different systems, allowing different departments to collaborate and work in a coordinated way with the same documentation, and always with the latest versions.

A fully integrated environment allows for improvements in worker productivity, as they can continue with their work even when they need to read, modify or upload a document for which they would previously have to send an email, manage requests for changes and then receive a response from the person in charge of making the changes.

OpenText Extended ECM has connectors available for the majority of the solutions on the mraket, from SAP, Salesforce to Office 365, which will allow all areas of the company to work in a coordinated manner, uploading documentation, initiating workflows or creating new elements such as suppliers, customers or materials in a single repository automatically as they work in their respective tools.

Why choose OpenText Extended ECM for CRM?

By 2025, 75% of organisations will need to adapt hybrid working strategies to meet the demands of flexible working environments that enable sales teams to sell from anywhere.

OpenText Extended ECM ensures the flexibility to meet the needs of your teams, enabling them to work with documents in a user-friendly application that allows them to find what they need quickly.

79% of sales reps say they have had to adapt quickly to new ways of selling to stay agile in an uncertain world with unpredictable buying behaviour.

OpenText ECM for CRM Features

The possibility of having different sources of information at hand at any time and make them part of the business processes, help determine the changes needed to adapt to new trends and create appropriate workflows for them, improving approval processes, documentation creation or data control.

Opentext Extended ECM with its “FullText” document indexing and search functionality allows you to perform searches that will return results among those workspaces, documents or folders that have the keywords both in the name, in the associated metadata in different categories, as well as in the content of the documents themselves.

With the advanced search you can also define searches using powerful filters so that it is easier to find any document you need, without having to know where the document is stored or the possible relationships it may have with other documents and workspaces.

One of the greatest benefits of digitisation and the use of Extended ECM is the reduction in the use of paper, and may have major cost savings in the cost of storing physical documents, as well as preventing important information from being lost because a document is misplaced or misplaced.

Extended ECM has a security layer that allows compliance with the various privacy regulations governing sensitive employee documentation, with different levels of permissions and access, ensuring that only authorised persons have access to confidential documentation.

The life cycle of the various documents, as defined in regulations such as GDPR, could be automated,allowing documents and personal data of candidates to be deleted after the maximum legal deadline automatically, without the need for users to do lengthy searches by date and check each case one by one against the legal requirements.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts. They will be happy to help you!

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