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Document anonymization

Protect the personal data of your digital documents

Challenge: The importance of anonymization of personal data

Personal data, mostly unstructured in various cloud and local data repositories, represents a significant risk factor for companies regardless of their size. Companies must properly manage all information with personal data containing sensitive and confidential information due to the stringet privacy regulations:
  • General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) of the European Union
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Law California Consumer Privacy Policy (CCPA)

Solution: Secure personal data

The OpenText and Nymiz connector allows us to anonymize and pseudonymize personal data in any content that we have in our OpenText content platform, ensuring: 


  • GDPD Compliance:
    The law requires keeping the personal data essential to provide the service and deleting them once the customer ceases to be, contemplating a minimum period of maintenance for legal reasons. After this period, the company must irreversibly delete or anonymize them. Therefore, the company has to detect the personal data and delete it, or delete all the document or content that includes that personal data. If not, you are breaking the law.

  • Security:
    Despite having security measures, most companies have suffered security breaches. Nymiz proposes to pseudonymise the most confidential data through a conversion / encryption key without which the data has no value.
    The key will never be with the pseudonymized data, so to hack it and get the original data, both the data and the key should be stolen, which makes it much more difficult.

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