OpenText Release Q4 2021. What’s new in VIM and OCR (IES)

OpenText has published the new “release” of its products for the last quarter of the year, which is considered one of the most important of the year.

By product, the published versions have been the following:

  • Vendor Invoice Management:
    • 7.6 SPS2 in its version for ECC.
    • 21.4 in its version for S/4HANA.
  • Intelligent Capture for SAP Solutions (OCR) 21.4.

We are going to review the most relevant improvements, so that you have a global vision of them and you are aware of the product roadmap.

New integrations with electronic invoice

This is already a classic, but as every release of the product, new integrations with electronic invoice are included.

  • Mexico e-Invoice
  • China e-Invoicing (OFD) (Fapios)
  • Italy – New changes related to FatturaPA

A new way of validating documents through Fiori has been introduced.

This way of validating supports all types of documents (Invoices, Sales Orders, Delivery Notes, etc.), and is also compatible with the “Single Click Entry” and “Table Auto Complete” technologies, widely used in current validation.

Of course the current validation continues to coexist with this, being able to choose how you want to validate the invoice, whether using the conventional “Validation Client”, or selecting the invoice directly from the SAP Workplace and opening the Fiori app.

New report to measure the degree of precisión in OCR extraction.

Thanks to this report, which is available for all solutions, we will be able to:

  • Measure extraction accuracy and identify areas for improvement.
  • Compare the extraction results with the validation results.
  • Detect possible bottlenecks.
  • The report measures both header and line fields.
  • It will also take into account the validations carried out in the conventional validator client and in the new one through Fiori.

VIM now provides SAP Core Data Services that help us measure performance in detail.

Available for all VIM “Beyond Invoices” solutions: Sales Orders, Delivery Notes, Order Confirmations, etc.

We will be able to créate very attractive graphs inSAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics.

And by having data in SAP CDS, this will allow us to load these views in any of the analytical applications on the market, from SAP Analytic Cloud to Power BI.

New Fiori app: “Accounts Payable Workplace” a place where you can get information and deal with pending invoices by accounts payable.

Fiori’s “new hybrid app” enables accounts payable specialists to process an invoice from start to finish by combining inbox task lists and reports in one place.

The workplace includes lists for various tasks: Invoice Validation With Exceptions, Blocked, etc.

The applications that makes up this workspace continue to exist separately, and have also been updated:

  • Invoice Exceptions
  • Vendor Invoices Report.
  • Capture Validation Workplace.
  • Confirm Quantity.

New Fiori App: “Invoice Approval Workplace”:allows to centralize the approval process from start to finish in a single app.

Basically, the 3 previous apps have been unified: “Enter costs assignment”, for coding, “Approval invoices”, for approval, and “My Approved Invoices” as a report of self-approved invoices in a single space.

It is important to mention that every application has also been updated, including improvements in functionality and stability.

To all these improvements, and those that we have not mentioned of a minor nature, we must add the many corrections that are applied in each release of these products.

From Brait, we recommend following a continuous update every year or 2 years at most. This way, we will be up to date with changesand legal requirements that may apply to us, and we will have a much more stable system.

If you are considering to upgrade or have any questions, contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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