How can you manage a wrong invoice in OpenText VIM?

As you probably know, we are publishing a series of posts to help the day-to-day life of VIM users. Rescanning an invoice, contacting other departments to make an inquiry, leaving a comment on an invoice for another member of my team to see, returning an invoice to the supplier, or even viewing an invoice a colleague is working on are just common actions within the Accounts Payable department, and in VIM, we can execute them in a very simple way and with a few clicks.

What do I do if I receive a wrong invoice?

Sometimes suppliers send us invoices with the wrong information. To facilitate the correction and tracking of these invoices, VIM offers a functionality to return them to the supplier by email, indicating the reason and increasing the efficiency in the process.

There are several advantages of returning a wrong invoice from VIM

  • The invoice is returned to the supplier via a personalized email sent directly from VIM.
  • Comments can be included in the PD process (internal)
  • The supplier is informed of the reason of the returned invoice, and it is also registered in the system.
  • The DP is stored in the system, in an obsolete state, but keeping all the information.

So, how can you return a wrong invoice from VIM?

It is very easy:

From the DP screen, we can return the invoice to the supplier:

  1. We execute the option to return the invoice to the supplier.
  2. On the screen to return the invoice to the supplier, we select the reasons for which we return the invoice.
  3. On the same screen, we can add a message for the provider or an internal message that will be stored in the DP but will not be sent to the provider. VIM allows us to see the email before sending it.
  4. We can see the email before we send it to the supplier.

As you can see, returning an invoice to a supplier is very simple when we do it from VIM.

We will keep posting more tips like this one on how to perform common tasks in VIM. However, if you have any question, please do get in contact with us, we would be pleased to help you!

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