Validated ID, our new partner

At Brait, we are commited to offering afully and digitized solution for our clients’ document management , and for this, we want to offer a service that also allows the signing of documents with legal validity and in a secure way.

The quality of both our work and the solutions we offer is key for us. That is why we consider Validated ID the best partner for this, to help us continue with our commitment to digitization and the elimination of paper.

Validated ID offers different services such as VIDsigner for electronic signatures, making it possible to sign documents online in an easy and secure way. They have different types of signatures that ensure th level of legal evidence to protect the signing of documents, both in person and remotely through different devices.

  1. Biometric Signature:

    It offers a signature solution, in person but through Tablets. It guarantees security and legal validity thanks to the collection of biometric information from the signer, since they only work with devices calibrated by themselves, thus ensuring the validity and veracity of said signature.

  2. Remote Signature:

    The remote signature is a digital signature that can be used from anywhere. The main advantage is that it allows you to send documents to sign to anyone with any device, be it a PC, Tablet or Smartphone, safely, and without the need for any installation or prior knowledge.

  3. Centralized signature:

    It allows signing with a digital certificate, from anywhere and on any device, without the need to download or install your own certificate.

  4. Smartcard:

    Smartcard is a free app that allows to make qualified signatures with the DNIe 3.0 from any Android Smartphone with NFC, quickly, safel and easily.

  5. Stamper:

    Stamper eis the electronic stamp for the signature of automatic online processes.
    VIDsigner Stamper is compatible with the stamp certificates issued by the main certification services providersand is combinable with the rest of signatures modalities.

  6. E-delivery:

    The digital alternative to certified postal mail and burofax is E-Delivery, which ensures the authenticity of email communications. Amongst its main advantages are agility, security, and lower costs. It is simple to use, provides full legal validity to your notifications and provides evidence that the file has been delivered to the recipient and the actions carried out on it.

Whether your work with SAP, OpenText or other document management platforms such as DocuWare, we integrate the digital signature into your document management processin a simple, fast and secure way. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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