Exchange electronic documents in the cloud

B2Brouter® enables the exchange of electronic documents based on global standards and formats with public and private companies around the world, in the appropriate format, through the required network.
The platform is connected to the main national and international electronic document exchange networks (FACe, FACeB2B, eFACT, PEPPOL, Chorus Pro, etc.).
With B2Brouter you can create, send and manage electronic invoices and other electronic documents such as quotations, orders and delivery notes.

  • Invictia

    Discover Invictia, the solution to integrate 100% electronic invoicing into SAP.

    Its features:

      • SAP ECC and S/4HANA compatible, easy to maintain and extend.
      • Native integration with B2Brouter.
      • Secure, your data will always be protected.
      • Add-on Plug & Play.
      • Monitoring from the Business Document Workplace.
  • eSender

    Service that allows the mass issuance of electronic invoices in an automated manner, both through public and private networks.


    • Ensures that all invoices reach their intended recipient, regardless of the channel and format.
    • Receive status changes of all invoices for comprehensive control and streamlined accounts receivable management.
    • Guarantees completely secure delivery by signing invoices and sending them through secure and encrypted channels.
    • Custody of invoices issued to ensure traceability during the period required by current legislation.
  • eReceiver

    Service that allows the massive and automated reception of electronic invoices and other documents from suppliers.


    • Converts supplier invoices to the format required by the company for processing and validates them according to the agreed business rules.
    • Management of all formats and channels from a single platform.
    • Generates and issues invoice status information so that the supplier can see the status of the processing.
    • B2Brouter takes care of receiving the document through the correct network (FACe, Peppol, ChorusPro, etc.).
  • eTax reporting

    Service that allows collecting the necessary information for the tax return and sending it through the established electronic channel.


    • You will be able to carry out the Immediate Supply of Information (SII) of the AEAT.
    • Complies with the legal requirements derived from the entry into force of the TicketBAI service.