Technology platforms

We implement SnI solutions for SAP® in your company, to comply with the different local tax regulations.

  • SII, Immediate Supply of IVA Information for Spain.
  • SAF-T PT for Portugal.
  • FR-FEC for France.
  • JPK-VAT and JPK-VDEK for Poland.
  • SAF-T AT for Austria.
  • SAF-T for Germany.
  • SAF-T LT for Lithuania.
  • FAIA for Luxemburg.
  • MTD for the UK.
  • E-Invoice (Real Time Invoice), E-Archive (Daily Invoice Report), E-DeliveryNote (Real Time Waybill), E-Ledger for Turkey.
  • HU-RTIR for Hungary.
  • FatturaPA invoice Submission for Italy.