Entering data manually Can’t someone else do that?

Manual data entry has many drawbacks. It’s time-consuming, it’s boring, mistakes are made, it’s costly, it’s inefficient… As Homer Simpson would say, why can’t someone else do it?

Today, there are solutions that can automatically extract data from any document (both digital and paper) and deliver it precisely where it is needed.

Tasks such as copying a piece of data from one document to another, collating two quantities, or indexing a text for a search engine, are easily automated, if you have the right tool.

Docuware, and its intelligent indexing, is able to obtain the values of any document or repository where the information is located, and take it where you need it, allowing you to spend your time on tasks that really have value.

Can’t think where you could use it? Here are some examples of how our customers are using Docuware:

  • Invoice automation
  • Delivery Note Automation
  • Order Automation
  • Flight Chart Automation
  • Automation of Recruitment Processes
  • Automatic classification of documentation
  • Automation for the control of Documentation Due Dates (Regulations)
  • Automation of Work Certifications

Do you find any of these uses interesting? Do you want to know more about any of them? Your use case does not appear in this list and you would like to tell us about it? Contact us and tell us your case, we will help you to make it happen.

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