About Brait

Who We Are

We are a young, dynamic, flexible, intimate, and honest company that is very aware that the real value of a company is its people. That is why our business culture is based on everybody who is part of Brait being happy, which is inevitably reflected in our work and our clients.

If you have already worked with our team, you know all of this to be true. Our turnover is very low, so you will continuously work with the same people, building trust and strong relationships. We never stop training and learning, so we can confidently call ourselves OpenText and SAP experts. Finally, the projects we carry out and the software we work with are always of the highest quality.

And if you haven’t worked with us yet, now is a good time to get in touch with us.

Where We Come From

Brait’s journey began under another name in 2011. The company was formed by professionals with more than 12 years of experience as SAP experts, with the aim of carrying out few projects at the very highest quality. At that time, we participated in global projects in nearly 20 countries and built up our specialties, focusing almost entirely on the automation of supplier invoices and electronic invoices.

In 2016, we decided to take all this experience to another level, and so at the beginning of 2017 we coined our current name, Brait. We added several of the best professionals we have ever worked to our staff, expanded our portfolio of solutions with other OpenText and SAP products, and launched ourselves into the market.

Since then, we have grown into the double digits. We are now working with a large number of customers and still offering the best solutions in the market along with the best services.

De donde Venimos
Hacia Donde Vamos

Where We Are Going

Technology (and the world in general,) is changing very quickly: we are moving towards an XaaS model (everything-as-a-service), which makes integrations between different platforms something essential, not only among the tools used by the same company, but also in B2B connections and automatisms.

The collaboration between internal and external teams that participate in the integration of different platforms and new processes is already important today. But it’s moving towards another level: collaboration will become something fundamental, and in many cases, something even more relevant than platforms themselves.

And that’s where Brait is going: we will always be up-to-date with the latest trends despite the rapid speed of change, while never losing sight of the XaaS model and always encouraging close collaboration with our customers.

We are braiters
We are a young, dynamic, and flexible company that leverages the value of our employees to offer an intimate and honest service.

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